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TowerFall grosses $500K, sells best on PS4 (update)

TowerFall, developer Matt Makes Games' arrow slinging combat game, grossed more than $500,000 across all platforms, developer Matt Thorson told Eurogamer.

First released on Ouya, the diminutive Android-powered console, TowerFall made its way to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC though Steam last month as TowerFall Ascension. Of all the places it's available, Thorson said that his retro-styled fighting game is selling best on Sony's newest platform.

"It's actually doing better on PS4, but it's still doing well on PC," he said. "It's doing definitely well enough for me to support myself for quite a while. That's really encouraging."

Thorson attributed PS4 sales to Sony's willingness to feature and promote the game as well as TowerFall's couch-friendly nature.

"I think it's just a console game, ya know?" he said.

For more on the arrow-slinger, be sure to read Polygon's TowerFall Ascension review and watch the Overview video below.

Update: "21 percent of Towerfall's total revenue comes from OUYA, which is pretty impressive when you consider the legacy and size of the Steam and PlayStation communities," OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman said in a statement issued to Polygon. "Plus, OUYA helped put Towerfall and Matt on the map. His story signals that OUYA works: We are finding the next great developers and making them household names, while rewarding their great games with real money in their pocket."

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