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MLB 14 The Show PS4 trailer looks at speeding up baseball

Player Lock and Quick Counts are two of the new modes in MLB 14 The Show outlined in a new PlayStation 4 trailer from Sony, released today.

These optional play modes are designed to cut down game times, for those players who don't want the full nine innings simulations in season mode.

In Player Lock, you can experience entire games as a single player, vastly reducing the amount of time one game takes. Quick Counts uses an algorithm to drop each player into a middle or late pitch-count, rather than beginning each at-bat at 0-0.

As well as cutting down game time, it also helps players improve their strike-out rate. Sony has stated in the past that video game baseball players are much less likely to let a pitch sail by, and maybe get called as a ball, than real ball players.

Today's trailer also looks at Manage Mode which allows the player to be at the top of a club, making the big tactical decisions. Sportscast Manager allows the player to make decisions during the game, speeding up proceedings. MLB 14 The Show is on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with the PlayStation 4 version arriving on May 6.