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Simogo delves into the references and inspirations of Device 6

Year Walk developer Simogo offers an in-depth look at the references and inspirations of the objects and characters players encounter in its mystery novel, interactive puzzle hybrid Device 6.

In a blog post titled "The Complete Guide to References and Inspirations in Device 6," co-founder Simon Flesser
explains that it is a collage consisting of photos, help from friends, (pop-)cultural references, "but also from history and even our own surroundings. Some are completely intentional, some unintentional."

The spoiler-heavy blog post details specific objects players encounter in the game in chronological order. It lists inspirations, trivia and references, which Flesser writes, are often to old stuff as their ambition was to create a story with an ambiguous place in time.

"We also found it exciting to reference these type of things, as you mostly see contemporary references in games," he wrote. "Another thought with all of these references was that HAT custom makes the experience for every participant, and as such these references would be things the currents participants have associations with in different ways."

The Swedish developer launched Device 6 for iOS devices in 2013 after the release of survival horror adventure game Year Walk for iOS in the same year. Check out the last Friends List of the previous year, where Editor-at-Large Chris Plante asked Editorial Coordinator Michael Moore if Device 6 was the game of the year for 2013.

Device 6 was nominated for four awards at the Independent Games Festival Awards in March, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Visual Arts. The development team won Excellence in Audio and Excellence in Narrative. The title was also nominated for three BAFTAs.

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