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Star Citizen funding cruises by $43 million

Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen surpassed $43 million in funding, unlocking Omni Role Combat Armor for every backer, founder Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post.

Each fan who backed the project up until this point will receive a set of marine combat armor added to their accounts. The ORC armor is better quality than Army Ground Forces standard-issue infantry body armor but not as protective as the Marines' proprietary Nail-armor or SpecOp variants. The Clark Defense Systems' ORC armor is constructed of "composite mesh of fibers reinforced with ablative plates, offering a modest protection against both energy and kinetic weapons."

Star Citizen reached $42 million in crowd funding earlier this month. The goal unlocked an updated observist guide, an explorer-class mobiGlas rig for those who backed the game before it hit $42 million, another "Gladius" fighter vessel (pictured above) and a towel. Reaching $44 million goal mark will introduce a Hangar room system and the $45 million reward is a mystery object, as voted by backers.

For more on Star Citizen and its dogfighting module, recently showcased at PAX East, check out our impressions from going hands-on with the mode.

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