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Watch this Twitch user play Mario 64 blindfolded

Another Twitch account is experimenting with new ways of bringing in an audience to watch streamed gameplay. Twitch user 62bitgaming is challenging himself to play the entirety of Mario 64 blindfolded.

The gamer is kitted only with his knowledge of the Mario classic, and a little help from a friend who will give verbal directions throughout. The account streams three days every week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday starting from 6pm PST.

62bitgaming follows a long line of experimental Twitch accounts, most notably Twitch Plays Pokemon the channel supporting a massively multiplayer online co-op version of the original Pokemon Red for Game Boy. Earlier this year it was confirmed over 75,000 viewers were tuning in to the Pokemon stream, with total views surpassing 6.5 million. For more on Twitch Plays Pokemon, check out our interview with the creator.

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