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The Elder Scrolls Online patch fixes quest 'blockers,' fights gold-farming bots

The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls Online lowers level requirements for main quests — removing "blockers" preventing some players from starting them — and brings some tweaks to aid the fight against gold-farming bots, according to a post on the game's forums.

Level requirements have been lowered for five main quests, and a number of other quests involving NPCs have been tweaked so characters spawn at the correct location or assist in combat as necessary. Four Guild quests along with 13 others have also received changes to make them more accessible and rectify quest-breaking errors. A full list of quest-specific patch notes is available on the forums.

With patch 1.0.6, developer ZeniMax has also added timers to loot acquisitions for delve and open world boss fights. There is now a cooldown period between defeat and when they can be looted that is designed to prevent lingering gold-farming bots from obtaining items. Bots are also being manually hunted down and removed.

Additionally, an issue making Nightblade abilities unresponsive in combat against a large number of enemies has also been fixed. Players who skip the game's tutorial will also be unable to deconstruct the items given to them. ZeniMax is still working on issues related to the game-breaking item duplication cheat related to the guild bank, which was shut down earlier this month.

The Elder Scrolls Online launched for Mac and Windows PC earlier this month, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June.