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Daylight - Overview video

Are you ready to hear us say the word "spooky" like, a hundred times?

All that repetition really isn't our fault — a lot of the stuff in Daylight is just straight-up spooky. Sometimes chairs move on their own. Sometimes you can hear distant screaming. Sometimes there are ghosts where there weren't ghosts before. It's genuinely exciting when that kind of stuff happens unexpectedly; and — thanks to the game's scavenger hunt structure — genuinely tedious when it doesn't.

In this Overview, Alexa Ray Corriea and I run through the haunted hosprison (that is, a multipurpose hospital/prison) of Daylight in search of frights, which we find while absentmindedly debating the relative fear factor of Boos. My opinion: Once you have seen a ghost play tennis, it is no longer all that frightening.

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