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Daylight launches for PlayStation 4 today at a discounted price

Daylight, a procedurally generated survival horror game penned by Jessica Chobot and developed by Zombie Studios, is available today for PlayStation 4 at a limited-time discounted price, Atlus PR manager John Hardin announced via the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can pick up the game for $9.59, while non-subscribers will pay $11.99 until May 13. After that, the game will be available at its normal price of $14.99. Daylight's launch trailer, which you can watch above, briefly explains the game's premise. As Sarah Gwynn, a woman who wakes up in an abandoned hospital, players open strage doors with the help of unique relics. Along they way, they have to avoid "revenge-driven witches" that stalk and follow.

"The game deviously analyzes your play style to ensure evil spirits execute maximum fright potential," Hardin wrote. "Even better, the level design changes as well.

"Daylight's variable nature is taken a step further with Twitch users. The game taps into the chat channel of your stream and viewers can type keywords to cue in-game events. For example, typing "meow" into the Twitch chat would make the game generate the sound of a cat. We're not giving out the list of keywords though; you'll have to find those out for yourself."

Daylight is also available for Windows PC. For more on the game and its writer, check out our feature. Our review is also up now.

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