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PS Vita and PS App updates roll out with PS4 1.70

Updates for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation App, scheduled to go live alongside the PlayStation 4 v1.70 update on April 30, will introduce automatic device registration for PS4 remote play and PS App push notifications for PS4 updates.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PS Vita 3.15 update will enable automatic device registration, allowing users to easily link their PS4 and PS Vita together for remote play. It automatically detects and pair the systems when both are online and the same user is signed in to both devices/.

The PS App 1.70 update adds iPad resolution and push notifications for PS4 updates, including friend requests, game alerts, invitations and more. Users can also receive friend requests via email or text messages and change their profile picture via image upload or camera.

PS4 update 1.70 adds the ability to pre-download pre-ordered games up to several days prior to release. The system now supports HDMI video capture to a separate device by introducing an HDCP off option, as well as the ability to broadcast gameplay in 720p HD and archive broadcasts via Twitch and Ustream.

The update also introduces brightness settings for the light bar, sort trophies by rarity, USB drive saves, video editing app ShareFactory and additional voice commands for the PlayStation Camera, allowing users to launch select installed apps. Additionally, PS4 users with a Music Unlimited subscription can share songs via the Share button.

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