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The Sky Below is bringing Space-dog Laika to Wii U

The Sky Below, the upcoming sequel to Minicore Studios' Space dog adventure game The Sun at Night, is currently in development for Wii U, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac and Linux, according to the developer's official website.

The upcoming release, which is part of Minicore's The Stray series, continues the story of Laika  a dog in robotoic armor who, following the death of Stalin and the rise of the Soviet army, tries to put things right.

Minicore is making adjustments to the game based on comments following the launch of the previous title. Users will be able to choose the Support Suits worn by Laika in order to aid certain playstyles, whether it's offensive or stealth-like.

Additionally, a more forgiving save system will be developed for the new release and patched into the previous game. Full details of the upcoming changes can be found here.

Development on The Sky Below is roughly 30 percent complete, with a launch planned for October 2014. The series was first announced last year, with a plan of releasing the action platformer in three parts. Check out our interview with Minicore Studios here.

The Sun at Night received a 7 out of 10 review from Polygon when it released. "The Sun at Night's missteps make for a more difficult time finding the things Minicore does so well," it reads. "It seems proud to be a certain kind of game the bears with lasers kind but also achieves something subtler, something more difficult, with a universe so apart from the norm that I couldn't help but want to dive deeper. In building an intriguing alternate world, The Sun at Night charms, despite its flaws."

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