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Abyss Odyssey video implores you to know your enemies and defeat them with combos

A video released this week for Abyss Odyssey shows off the combo system in the upcoming action game from Zeno Clash developer Ace Team.

Press play above to see publisher Atlus' lead QA tester assume the role of the masked swordsman Bauta and lay waste to a dummy in a dojo with combinations of melee, jumping and ranged attacks.

Developer Carlos Bordeu explained in a forum post that the QA tester discovered something about the combo system that its developers didn't anticipate.

"When Rob sent us back the resulting combos he was pulling off, the jaws of everyone here at Ace dropped to the ground and we were amazed by the huge combos he was pulling off," Bordeu wrote. "But it wasn't only that ... it was the speed at which he was making the character move. It almost felt a bit as if he was using a turbo version of our game."

To figure out what was going on, Bordeu analyzed the QA tester's gameplay footage frame-by-frame.

"What Rob discovered was that he could attack, cancel into a dash and immediately jump out of the dash in to an airborne attack," he wrote. "Since in our game you can also cancel an air attack into an air dash, this essentially meant you could get a huge amount of momentum by combining all the previous techniques."

Revealed earlier this month, Abyss Odyssey is headed to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC via Steam this summer.