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Broforce hits Steam Early Access on April 7

Broforce, the over-the-top side scrolling game that riffs on the cheesiness of classic 80s action movies, will launch on Steam Early Access this upcoming Monday, April 7, indie developer Free Lives Games announced today.

In Broforce, players run and gun with their hypermasculine heroes through stages in an attempt to thwart the plots of terrorists seeking to take down America. Environments are destructible and explosions and other damage are equally over-the-top and hyperviolent. Playable characters are also based on well-known action heroes, including Rambo, the Terminator and Sarah Connor, Die Hard's John McClane, Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Alien's Ellen Ripley.

The game began as an entry in the April 2012 Ludum Dare and afterward the team decided to develop it further. It was approved through Steam Greenlight late last year. Developers spoke with Polygon about the game's origins, including their desire to create a no-holds-barred co-op game and implement elements of classic violent action movies.

Broforce is expected to launch in full for Windows PC and consoles this summer and is being published by Devolver Digital.