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In Anomaly Defenders, humans are the invading force

The final entry in 11 Bit Studios' tower defense-based Anomaly series, Anomaly Defenders, will see players defending an alien planet against an oncoming human invasion, the developer announced today.

Anomaly Defense is a "reverse tower offense" title and requires players to make tactical choices in real-time. It will feature 24 levels, tech trees, upgradable towers and unique units to bring into battle.

"After two wars, the puny, petty humans have decided to launch a counter attack and destroy the Alien race once and for all," the announcement reads. "This time it is the Aliens who have to protect their land and fight for survival."

The game is being developed for Windows PC and mobile devices, and is expected to launch this spring. A price has not been announced. For a look at Anomaly Defenders, check out the trailer below.

11 Bit Studios is also working on a recently announced project called This War of Mine. The game follows a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city.

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