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The Sun at Night creator announces investigation game Murder at Mystery Manor

Minicore Studios, creator of the space dog adventure game The Sun at Night, will release a multiplayer mystery game for Windows PC called Murder at Mystery Manor, founder John Warren announced today.

Murder at Mystery Manor is an investigation game featuring "a mansion, a cocktail party and nefarious acts." Players in the game are given different roles to play, with one person being tagged as a murderer.

"The murderer then has to eliminate a given target without being seen by any other party-goers," Warren wrote. "It's then the duty of the party-goers to identify the killer unanimously. Communication, evidence gathering, and keen senses will make you a good investigator — carelessness may make you a bad investigator."

The game is being built in Unity and is "perfect for an Early Access [or] open-alpha" situation, Warren continued. The developer is not ready to announce other platforms or an official timeline for the game yet, though it hopes to have a playable build available by the summer.

Minicore recently announced that the sequel to The Sun at Night, The Sky Below, will launch for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Windows PC in October. The game continues the story of Laika, a dog wearing robotic armor trying to set things right following the death of Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin.

For more on the studio's previous work, check out our review of The Sun at Night or our interview with Warren.

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