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Twitter-controlled Hashtag Dungeon gets a July 4 release date

Hashtag Dungeon, a game that lets users build levels with Twitter hashtags, will be released July 4, according to a tweet this week from developer Hitpoint Games.

"Why did we decide on the 4th of July for our release date?" a subsequent tweet asks. "Because we are independent games designers after all! :P"

According to an email from developer Sean Oxspring, the Android and Windows PC game's menus have been updated, and Hashtag Dungeon also includes new enemies and traps. Hitpoint expanded the game's grid from 6x6 to 9x9 and added a "Dark Souls-style" player messaging system that will also integrate with Twitter.

Potential players interested in testing Hashtag Dungeon before its July release can follow its official Twitter account for news on an upcoming closed alpha. You can learn more about the game, including how Hashtag Dungeon will integrate with Twitter, in our recent interview with Oxspring.