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Twin Galaxies announces 24/7 gaming news Twitch channel

Video game-focused outlet Twin Galaxies announced Twin Galaxies Live, a round-the-clock interactive programming channel on Twitch focused on streaming and discussing video games.

Twin Galaxies Live utilizes a Twitch and Skype integration system that allows multiple callers to join a conversation with both video and audio. Full details on the show's multi-camera technology will be revealed this fall.

Twin Galaxies Live — an evolution of live game broadcasting channel — is accessible through its own website and via its Twitch page and will run seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The show will feature game streaming and entertainment programming, daily news and information segments about industry events, talk shows, instructional gameplay and tournaments.

"With Twin Galaxies Live we are looking to develop a totally interactive, live programming experience for the more than 500 million people playing mobile, computer and video games worldwide," said Jace Hall, head of Twin Galaxies, in a press statement. "We feel the global video game culture deserves more than passive programs that document news, and we are thrilled to be offering a unique place for players to consume and discuss achievements, gamer lifestyle breakthroughs and video game history."

"It is exciting to see the extensive utilization of the new Skype TX technology help Twin Galaxies Live launch this completely unique and highly interactive continuous broadcast format," added general manager of Skype consumer marketing Angie Hill. "Being part of the inspiration for such an engaging live broadcast concept for video game players worldwide is what Skype in Media is all about. We are looking forward to enabling this new generation of Twin Galaxies Live's content programming."

Twin Galaxies launched in 1981 with a focus on sharing video game player achievements and broadcasting content related to industry and gaming world records. The company has previously worked with the Guinness Book of World Records and much of its own record keeping — collected for its Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game and Pinball Book of World Records compilation — has made it into this official book. This past March, Hall announced that he had taken up ownership of Twin Galaxies, which has changed hands three times in the past three days.

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