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Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer introduces the Bell Killer

The latest trailer for Airtight Games' ghost-detective mystery Murdered: Soul Suspect introduces viewers to the deadly figure protagonist Ronan O'Connor will have to take down: the Bell Killer.

Following O'Connor's own death, this serial killer terrorizes Salem, Mass. and leaves a trailer of victims in his wake — mysteries that O'Connor, who now wanders the world as a spirit, must unravel. Each kill is different, but each crime scene is marked with a rudimentary drawing of a bell as the killer's signature. O'Connor has to decipher who this killer is and what he wants, bent on stopping him before too many lives are lost.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will launch on June 3 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Read more about how the game strikes a balance between gameplay and narrative in our interview from PAX East earlier this month.