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The Elder Scrolls Online dev encourages forum users to out gold spammers

The Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online Studios is encouraging forum users to post the usernames of suspected gold spammers, according to a recent forum post.

Though the developer is "working as quickly as possible to identify and remove these spammers from our forums," it's also asking for player help and has disabled private messages as it roots out the spammers.

"We request that anyone who has received a private message they believe to be from a gold spammer to post the sender's username as a comment in this thread," the post reads. "As we have disabled PMs, you will not be able to access your inbox on the forums, but if you received an email notification to alert you to the PM you received, the sender's username should be in that e-mail."

The developer also acknowledged that the move is an exception to the Community Code of Conduct, enacted "in an effort to expedite the process of identifying and banning the spammers' accounts."

In mid-April, Zenimax Online Studios disabled the game's guild bank feature on European and North American servers in the wake of a bug that allowed players to duplicate items.

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