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Republique's second episode begins rolling out today, episode 1 now on sale

The second episode of Republique, the stealth title from indie studio Camouflaj, is now available on iOS for owners of the game's season pass, the company announced today.

Called Metamorphosis, episode 2 will be unlocked as a $4.99 in-app purchase tomorrow, May 1, for people who only bought the first episode. That chapter, Exordium, debuted in mid-December.

Metamorphosis continues telling the story of Republique protagonist Hope, who is trying to escape from an Orwellian prison. In this episode, she tries to find Señor Luis Octavo, a librarian who's on her side — a position that makes him a target for The Overseer. The Metamorphosis Library is a new environment for the game, a massive, maze-like locale that contains three puzzles. Metamorphosis also brings a 3D map of the library into both of Republique's first two episodes, and adds gameplay elements like a new guard type and additional Omni abilities.

According to a press release from Camouflaj, the studio plans to release the final three episodes of Republique every three to four months from this point forward. In addition, Camouflaj is working on Mac and Windows PC versions that the company expects to launch later this year.

Exordium is now on sale on the App Store for $2.99, a 40 percent discount off its regular price of $4.99. The season pass costs an additional $14.99, so usually, buying it is 20 percent cheaper than purchasing the episodes individually. For more, check out our full review of Exordium.

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