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Child of Light - Overview video

There are very few things about Child of Light that aren't refreshing.

Seriously — between its timing-based combat system, rhyming dialogue and painterly art style, playing Child of Light is like cracking open a crisp, cold Sierra Mist, which is largely considered the most refreshing beverage on the market. It's a fascinating blend between old-school RPG designs and more modern mechanics, much like how Sierra Mist blends lemon and lime. There are countless other similarities between the two, but we don't want you to think we're shills for Sierra Mist, or its delicious, low calorie variant Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.

In this Overview, Alexa and I dig into Child of Light's uber-charming world, gaining a few levels and bedazzling our equipment in the process. We also murder a few griffins for their invaluable EXP, which feels, understandably, pretty upsetting.

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