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Warframe is PS4's second most-downloaded app; more free-to-play planned

The most downloaded free app for PlayStation 4 is Netflix. The second-most-downloaded? Free-to-play shooter Warframe.

Digital Extreme's third-person shooter, which launched at the same time as the console, has been downloaded millions of times. Sony won't give out numbers but confirmed that the number is higher than two million. PlayStation 4 has so far sold seven million units.

According to SCEA's VP of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes, more free-to-play games will be coming to PS4.

"You will see a huge focus from Sony in the next few years on free-to-play stuff because of that good performance," he told Polygon. A Sony spokesperson added that the game is monetizing "at least as well" as free-to-play titles on Windows PC, where the market is more advanced.

Speaking at an event showcasing PlayStation indie titles (Polygon's full report from the event will run tomorrow) Boyes said that a new rash of free games would not harm AAA and indie developers. "It's not taking away from anyone," he said. "If you're waiting for a game to come out, free-to-play is a great place to go and check stuff out."

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