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Super Motherload brings hardcore mining to PC via Steam

Hardcore Space mining game Super Motherload is officially out for Windows PC via Steam, developer XGen Studios announced.

The steam title will be discounted at 20 percent its usual $14.99 price tag for one week, bringing the price down to $11.99.

The Windows PC version was approved for distribution on Valve's platform in June of last year through Steam Greenlight, before becoming available on the platform through Steam Early Access. The Windows PC release features 150 puzzles, support for four controllers via Big Picture and runs at 60 frames per second at 1080p. The game also includes single player, local co-op modes. A full-length original soundtrack by indie electronic artist Eric Cheng is also available to download for $9.99.

Super Motherload is a cooperative digging game set on Mars during the Cold War. The game supports up to four players and features a procedurally generated environment and customizable abilities.

The XGen Next title originally launched on PlayStation 3 last November, alongside a PlayStation 4 release when the console hit stores in North America.

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