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Microsoft gifting free week of Xbox Live Gold to those affected by March 11 outage (update)

Microsoft appears to be crediting users affected by the service outage during Titanfall's release week last month, offering up a free week of Xbox Live Gold to those would couldn't play online during that time, reports IGN.

During the March 11 outage, Microsoft stated that the issues affecting "core services" were unrelated to Titanfall's launch.

"We know you experienced an issue signing in to your Xbox One on 3/11/2014," reads the message. "We apologize and will soon give you 7 days of Xbox Live Gold for your inconvenience."

Users who qualify for this free week are being notified via the Xbox Live Messaging system, according to an image posted by IGN. Currently there is no word on whether this will be given to every Xbox Live Gold members or only those who tried to access the service during last month's outage. Other sources have also reported receiving the message.

Update: A representative from Microsoft confirmed that the company is giving one week of free Xbox Live Gold to members who could not sign in on March 11.

"I can confirm that Microsoft is providing seven days to Xbox Live members who were unable to sign in to the service during the service interruption," the representative said. "It will not be extended to all members — only those who were unable to connect."