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Z-Run lanches for PlayStation Vita in May

Z-Run, Beatshapers' zombie-themed third-person endless runner, will launch for PlayStation Vita in May, founder and CEO Alexey Menshikov announced via the PlayStation Blog.

According to Menshikov, the dates has been moved back since its original announcement "in order to make our game bigger and better."

In Z-Run, players dash through zombie-infest streets while trying to dodge obstacles and the undead. Players can pick up weapons such as planks, wrenches and an electric guitar to beat zombies out of the way. However, attacks cost energy, and low-energy runners are easy targets. Building stamina through leveling will help players keep their energy high.

"There are multiple routes you can take as you sprint through the city, and exploration is an essential part of survival during the undead armageddon," Menshikov wrote. "Campaign mode tasks you with working your way through the debris-strewn streets in an effort to find your way out with at least a few limbs still intact. There's also a survival mode included, which keeps on going until the living dead finally get to feast. The more you unlock in the story, the more you get to test your skills in survival mode."

Beatshapers previously worked on Furmins, StarDrone Extreme and BreakQuest: Extra Evolution. The developer was one of the many featured during the PlayStation 4 reveal event last year.

For a look at Z-Run, watch the trailer below. The video features the track "You Better Run," which was created for the game, by The Spin Wires

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