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Always Sometimes Monsters hits Steam, Humble on May 21

Indie role-playing game Always Sometimes Monsters will launch via Steam and the Humble Store on May 21, developer Vagabond Dog announced today.

The title can be pre-ordered through both services as well as the game's official website with a 10 percent discount for a limited time. Always Sometimes Monsters is "inspired by always sometimes true-life events" and tells a story about the lengths people will go to in order to find happiness and love.

Narrative-driven Always Sometimes Monsters will present the player character — a despondent individual who learns the love of their life is about to marry another — with difficult life choices. Players will be able to choose their gender, race and sexual orientation, and the game will adapt its circumstances to players' choices.

"Always Sometimes Monsters is designed to reflect parts of yourself as you play and possibly give you a better understanding of who you are," developer Justin Amirkhani said in a press statement. "What makes it interesting is not learning whether or not you're a monster, but reflecting on how you can change."

Always Sometimes Monsters will also be playable at PAX East next weekend in the Indie Megabooth. Check out our interview with Amirkhani about the personal experiences that helped shape the game.