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Battlefield 4 players have found the giant shark

The megalodon rumored to be lurking in the depths of Battlefield 4's ocean has been found following the launch of the Naval Strike downloadable content for Premium members.

The video above from YouTuber "jackfrags" shows the giant shark in action on the Nansha Strike map, majestically launching itself over the waves and flopping back down every few minutes. There's even a fiery explosion as the creature hits the water for dramatic effect.

Battlefield 4 players have been looking for the megalodon since December, when a series of cryptic posts on Reddit suggested the creature was hidden away somewhere within the game. A poster claiming to be a developer shared screenshots reportedly detailing the shark's location, while T. rex roars and other strange sounds were unearthed from the game's audio files.

Now YouTube is flooded with videos of the creature. Those without a Premium subscription will be able to search for the megalodon themselves when Naval Strike launches on April 15.

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