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DayZ changes detailed, including fires, weapons and food

DayZ's development team today outlined incoming gameplay and graphical changes for Bohemia's zombie apocalypse survival game.

According to a new developer blog post, final implementation of fireplaces in the game will be available next week, allowing players to light flammable objects and "decide where and how to make fires." A new animation system and animations have been added that allow you players to power up throws of objects, in much the same way that bows are drawn to shoot arrows.

The team has also updated mouse controls following player feedback, allowing varying degrees and speed of movement according to the weapon in hand. "Players with a pistol will be able to turn around and fire much faster than a player with a M4, or a chainsaw," stated the blog post, which also warned that the changes "represent a great deal of work and the complete replacement of the old system, therefore some bugs and plenty of tweaking are expected."

Animators and artists have been working on new motion capture renditions of drawing, firing, and reloading animations while new food items and character models are also being added.

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