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Sound will become more tense as players hide in Alien: Isolation

Sound is essential to any survival horror experience, especially one with the kind of cinematic heritage as Alien: Isolation. This latest developer diary from The Creative Assembly details the steps the studio took to get that right.

The development team got access to the original sound recordings from the first film and also worked with musicians who worked with Jerry Goldsmith, the composer behind the original film's score. But there also is a good deal of original sound that must be put into the game, through means like walking on ceramic fixtures and stomping watermelons.

Further, the sound engine will recognize when the player is hiding from the xenomorph — the sole antagonist, but one you face unarmed — and make the sound more tense.

For more on Alien: Isolation, see Polygon's hands-on preview with the game from Game Developers Conference 2014.

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