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The Elder Scrolls Online - Overview video

Gather around the hearth, weary travelers, and let us warm your bones with the rousing tales of the adventures of K'evin.

As we discussed in our Overview of The Elder Scrolls Online's beta test phase, the new MMO lets you craft a character with few restrictions. In Justin's case, that meant he could birth K'evin, a svelte, rogue-ish hero with a penchant for ranged weapons, and an unnatural aversion to melee combat. His other hobbies include making birdhouses for Tamriel's avian population, as well as performing impossible, deadly horse stunts. He's not the hero we need or deserve, but for now, K'evin's the best we've got.

In this Overview, Justin and I dive deep into the subjects that slipped our grasp in Overview the First — topics such as crafting, Player vs. Player content and runic literacy. We also showcase K'evin's unswerving bravery, which helps us get intimately familiar with Elder Scrolls Online's death mechanics.

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