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Mojang's Scrolls coming to tablets, getting ranking system tweaks (update)

Mojang's strategy card game Scrolls is coming to tablets, according to a post from chief word officer Owen Hill on the Scrolls blog.

In addition to the tablet version — which is being ported with help from developer Ludosity — a smaller demo version of the game is also in the works, which Hill notes is intended to "provide a slice of Scrolls gameplay for the curious."

Additionally, the current version in beta on Mac and Windows PC is getting a handful of new features, including an updated ranking system. Hill said the goal of the new ranking system is to express players' ranks with "more palatable" visuals. Mojang is developing ways for both highly competitive and lower-level players to be equally rewarded in-game, such as weekly goodies for those who play frequently.

The existing tutorial will also be replaced with two different ones, "snappier ones" according to Hill, that take a few minutes to run down the basic Scrolls mechanics for new players. Core combat mechanics are also being tweaked to feel more rewarding and be more visually appealing, while the game's audio is being bulked up with new sound variations for different spells and actions.

Scrolls went into open beta in June of last year. The latest patch added mulligans as well as a dozen new scrolls and polished synchronization with attack sounds.

Update: Hill confirmed with Polygon that Ludosity is also developing an Android port of Scrolls in addition to the iOS version.