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Sony brings Killzone, Sound Shapes and trivia booth challenges to PAX East

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that in addition to having its community team leads from Guerilla, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sony Xdev and Sony Santa Monica at PAX East, it will also host booth challenges over the weekend.

Some of the daily booth contents Sony will run include a Killzone Shadowfall Botzone Challenge where players have to kill as many bots in a set amount of time. The daily top three on the PAX leaderboard will win dog tags, downloadable content season passes, signed posters and a custom Killzone Dualshock 4 controller.

There will be also be a Sound Shapes Speed Run in which players race the music of Deadmau5 'Invaderoids' for a chance to win DLC, full game codes and posters.

The schedule for Sony's booth contents can be accessed here.

PAX East will take place from April 11-13 at the Boston Convention Center. Polygon will be there to cover the show.