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Kenji Eno's final project, KakeXun, revolves around math and the universe

KakeXun, the final project from the late game designer Kenji Eno, will wrap mathematics and the universe together in a game that tasks players with solving math problems against a 3D environment, creative director Naoya Sato recently told Edge.

Eno, best known for his work on games such as Enemy Zero, the D series and Real Sound: Kaze no Regret, passed away from heart failure in February of last year. In honor of Eno, his former colleagues launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring his final idea — KakeXun — to life.

The game is being developed for Windows PC and smartphones. According to Sato, as players answer problems, whether correctly or incorrectly, the game's world will change.

"Many players are together in the same world, so you have to work together to shape it," Sato said. "It's kind of a social game mixed with an MMO."

KakeXun is currently being crowdfunded in Japan via Motion Gallery, though future funding overseas could take place on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It's likely that the Western campaign will also have a higher funding target, Sato told Edge, because crowdfunding in the region is more common.

Sato added that future unmade games from the late designer are a possibility, if the demand is high enough.

"There were still many games I wanted to make with Eno," Sato said. "That will never happen now, but making KakeXun is a consolation. Actually, at Warp 2 we have several project outlines for games Eno never got to make, so hopefully we'll make some more after this. He was so young."

KakeXun has raised more than 2 million yen of its 5 million goal. The campaign ends May 19.