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King Oddball hits PS4 April 8 with replayable levels

King Oddball will arrive on PlayStation 4 April 8, developer 10tons PR coordinator Jaakko Maaniemi revealed today on the PlayStation Blog.

Originally scheduled for an April 1 release, the physics-based puzzle game will hit tomorrow for $6.99 and include cross-buy support with the PlayStation Vita version. A free demo will be available.

10tons also added a way to replay levels in the game, a feature not initially planned for several reasons.

"Originally we made the conscious design decision not to include the ability to replay levels, display a score, or have the three star rating typically seen in pretty much all physics-based puzzles," Maaniemi wrote. "We wanted King Oddball to be simply about clearing the levels and moving on."

Thanks to "a substantial amount of player feedback," the developers "caved in a bit."

"In The Hall of Diamonds, you get to replay the basic levels, but you fully 'clear' them only by not throwing the last rock, which is now a diamond. It's a feat that very much equals earning a three star rating."

Press play above to watch King Oddball's launch trailer and see the titular character fling boulders and grenades with his tongue, on a mission to destroy the world.