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Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer features a dire warning from Martha and the Vandellas

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The latest trailer for Machinegames' alternate history first-person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order, shows the bleak result of global Nazi rule and the interminable struggle of a small but hopeful resistance movement fighting to overthrow the victor of World War II. It also shows that, under Reich rule, soccer officiating is just completely out of control.

Wolfenstein's resistance, aided by series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz, faces an uphill battle against the Nazi's machines of war, including bipedal mechs and robot dogs — that is, until the resistance gets some heavy duty machinery of its own. A sample of that heavily mechanized conflict is featured in the gameplay and cutscenes culled from Wolfenstein: The New Order in the trailer above.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is slated for release on May 20 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Pre-orders include beta access to the new Doom. For more on the game, read our hands-on impressions of the game's first few hours and publisher Bethesda's approach to era-accurate pop tunes as heard through a Nazi filter.

The game will also be playable at PAX East this week on PlayStation 4 at the Bethesda booth. Make sure you check out Polygon's coverage of the show all weekend if you can't make it.

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