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New Xbox One update offers up improvements for headset adaptors and Blu-ray

Details of the latest Xbox One update are now out on the official Xbox website, and include improvements to Blu-ray and updates to the console's headset firmware.

According to Xbox, the system update, which will be available to preview for members with early access, will introduce changes to the controller and headset adaptor firmware to reduce audio static and offer up general improvements to wireless connectivity.

Likewise, improvements to the Xbox One Blu-ray player will introduce 50 Hz video output for content recorded at this quality. An update is also planned for the Blu-ray player app.

Finally, following the update Xbox One users won't be required to power on their console after an update. Consoles that are in Instant On mode will update automatically and return to standby on completion. Additionally, an On Demand system will be made available, allowing users to take future updates when available without waiting for the console to do it on its own.

The Xbox One April update was initially rolled out to systems via Microsoft's beta program, an initiative that allows console owners to test system updates before their official launch. First revealed in March, the update preview included Blu-ray 50 Hz support, Kinect voice and motion improvements and fixes to friend notifications, among other changes. This secondary update offers tweaks based on user feedback from the previous improvements offered.

Xbox One's beta program kicked off Feb. 20 to let selected participants test system updates before they go live to all users in order to gather feedback about upcoming changes. The February update for Xbox One included a handful of new features and user interface improvements, while the March update introduced new multiplayer-focused features to coincide with the release of Titanfall.

Microsoft is sending out more beta invitations to Xbox Live members in the 13 regions where the Xbox One is currently available. Selected participants will be notified via an Xbox Live message to register.

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