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Molten Games' former producer eulogizes studio

Oksana Kubushyna, former producer at now-shuttered Molten Games, eulogized the studio in a post to her personal blog, detailing the company's formation and subsequent closing in late March.

Molten Games was formed in June 2013 and began work on its first title, Blunderbuss, which Kubushyna notes was pretty far along when the studio closed.

"It was a complete vertical slice with an installer, patcher, back-end platform (multiplayer, basic matchmaker, persistence, monitoring, telemetry), back-end administration tools, automated deployments, automated test framework, gameplay systems, UI, and of course content — multiple champions and a beautiful map," she wrote. "It took a lot of hard work. We were agile, we constantly adjusted our goals, re-scoped the deliverables and maintained extreme focus on the goals."

In addition to detailing the various activities around the studio not directly connected to development — such as Nerf gun wars, mock awards and parties — Kubushyna notes that Blunderbuss was in development for eight months as of late last month. The studio closed on March 24, about one year after she started at the company. Kubushyna said Molten Games' founders called a meeting and let everyone know the studio had lost its funding and was shutting down.

"The team stood silent for a while," she wrote. "Then there were hugs and tears. The team had to leave the office by noon so almost everyone went to lunch together (ironically, we hit the Rock Bottom bar). Almost everyone showed up at the office the next day. And the day after. And the day after that. They came to show support for each other, share leads for jobs and just hang out with each other. They were an embodiment of what it means to be a team."