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Card Hunter gets Attack of the Artifacts expansion later this month

Blue Manchu's adventure strategy card game Card Hunter will receive its first expansion pack later this month, which will add organized league play, new adventures, new cards, monsters and more.

Speaking to Polygon, studio founder Jonathan Chey said the Attack of the Artifacts expansion is centered around new adventures for the game's campaign. All the adventures are themed around classic fantasy role-playing game tropes with a "Cardhuntrian spin", and players will also get new cards and player items.

"Half of these adventures are fairly low-level, and they're designed to provide some options for players who might be finding it tough to get through the main campaign storyline," Chey said. "Or, if you are a new player, you can just play them as an optional side-quest as you work your way through the game.

"The other half of the adventures are right at the end of the campaign and designed as end-game content for players who have beaten the campaign and are looking for a challenge. Yeah, they're pretty hard."

The expansion also adds leagues, which Chey said will change up the game's multiplayer experience. In some leagues, players will compete without building a deck, so this evens the playing field between new players and those who have built up big item collections.

Some of the expansion content will be free, with new cards and items being collectible in the game. Some items can be purchased using in-game currency. There will also be a bundle available that unlocks all the new adventures, figures, items and in-game club membership for $15.

Card Hunter originally launched on PC in September 2013. A tablet port of the game is currently in development by DropForge Games. Polygon's feature about the development of Card Hunter can be read here.

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