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Watch a drone take flight with the Oculus Rift

With the help of virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, developer Diego Araos was able to create a flying drone that loops its vision back to the user.

The Parrot AR drone depends on the user's head movements to control its navigation. In the video above, you can see Araos tilting his line of sight and head to move the drone around. According to the video's description, the project is "open source and a fork of another of my projects drone-swarm (to control several AR Drones within one network)."

More information and a download for Araos' creation is available on GitHub. The developer warns that it is "just a weekend project" and its quality might be lacking.

Other Oculus Rift-controlled drones have taken to the air before. Last year, Intuitive Aerial outfitted a drone with the Rift headset. The rig allowed users to fly the drone while seeing from its point of view.

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