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Study finds that 0.22 percent of players account for 46 percent of mobile app revenue

Research conducted by Swrve concluded that 46 percent of mobile game revenue came from 0.22 percent of mobile game players, Re/code reports.

The study tracked more than 10 million players in more than 30 titles for 90 days. Data showed that 2.2 percent of players spent money and that the top 10 percent of those players — 0.22 percent — accounted for nearly half of the revenue collected.

According to Swrve's data, 66 percent of players also stopped playing after 24 hours.

"It's a bit like a first date," Swrve CEO Hugh Reynolds told Re/code. "If it's going to be effective, it needs to be effective quick."

Swrve provides a platform for mobile app developers to analyze and manage their relationships with customers. Services it provides include A/B testing, analytics, personalized in-app messaging and push notifications. Swrve's clients include Activision, Gameloft, WB Games and more.

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Update: The original headline listed a figure of 0.2 percent. We've corrected it to 0.22 percent, updated the article to explain the percentages and apologize for the confusion.