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Stick It to The Man launching for PlayStation 4, Wii U

Swedish developer Zoink will release its indie platformer, Stick It to The Man, for PlayStation 4, according to an announcement on Facebook.

Stick It to The Man previously launched for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Mac and Windows PC via Steam. The game, written by Adventure Time comic book writer Ryan North, follows Ray, a man who wakes up one day to find a magical arm attached to his forehead. Using his new appendage, Ray can read the minds of his fellows.

It will be displayed in 1080p and use the DualShock 4 controller speakers to "tap into characters' thoughts in the game, further separating the mind-reading world from Ray's world."

Previous PlayStation versions of the game were cross-buy, meaning those who purchased it on one system received it on the other.

Stick It to The Man will be available via the PlayStation Store April 30 in Europe and May 6 in the United States. The game is also expected to launch for Wii U in late spring.

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