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World of Tanks video details clan fortifications historical battles

World of Tanks will add new ways for players to build and battle this year, and a developer diary released today on the game's official YouTube channel explains what's headed to the game.

Developer will add a historical battle mode with the game's 9.0 update. To give each side a fighting chance, the developer wants to ensure that matches are balanced in a way that real-life battles weren't.

"One of the solutions is unequal team numbers," a developer said. "This means that one team may have 15 vehicles while the other may have only three."

Additional changes include revamped hit points, maneuverability, speed and view range unique to the tanks in historical battles mode.

Another mode will give teams a mixture of heavy vehicles and a larger number of lighter support vehicles. Lighter vehicles can respawn, which offers incentives for aggressiveness. Team battle mode will also be updated to add new tournaments, updated team battle rules and more. will also add a new clan feature called fortifications to the massively multiplayer online game. Clans with an undisclosed minimum number of members will receive a fortification, where they can construct buildings to earn a new resource currency. Those buildings earn players bonuses like combat pay, which will give a 10 percent credit bonus for a set number of hours in battle. Clans will be able to build and attack fortifications, which offer a "parallel universe" alongside the traditional World of Tanks battlefield. began detailing the World of Tanks 2014 roadmap earlier this year, and you can learn more about new destructibility and graphical improvements headed to the game. For more on the company behind the game and its eSports ambitions, be sure to read our interview with its CEO, Victor Kislyi.

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