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This guy rode an Oculus Rift roller coaster while riding a real roller coaster

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Yo, dawg: These guys smuggled an Oculus Rift — and a laptop — into an amusement park so they could ride a roller coaster while they rode a roller coaster.

You can see it play out here in this video recorded by Edmond O'Driscoll and Jonathan Forder, which took weeks of planning to pull off, according to the two. They sneaked in the hardware under heavy sweatshirts and, when the roller coaster pulled out of range of security cameras, O'Driscoll strapped on the visor and got ready for the ride(s) of his life.

Road to VR says that the track being played at upper left on the Oculus Rift is a recreation, in Rift Coaster, of the ride the two are on in real life. The two found a freely available model of the track online and imported it into Unity, where Forder handled its animation.

Both chaps sneaked through security fully aware they could have their hardware confiscated, or worse, if they were discovered. They attended the park at an off-peak time to further lessen suspicion they might be up to no good.

O'Driscoll reported that he had no troubles with motion sickness, even in spots where the simulation was out of sync. "Creating VR tracks that are different to the actual track would be a natural step to explore, but I'm sure this will lead initially to a few puked-on people," he told Road to VR.

Road to VR has more on their long, strange journey. It hypothesizes that a VR headset, combined with other physical feedback, could provide an even more immersive experience unavailable in normal life - such as riding in a fighter jet.

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