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Wasteland 2 will get a launch date by the end of the month, studio says

Wasteland 2 will be given a release date sometime before the end of the month, developers at inXile Entertainment said in the latest update to backers of the crowdfunded game.

inXile is approaching the end of the three-month plan it outlined back in February, the studio said. This means the game is in a state where developers are mainly addressing only bugs, so the team is confident with providing a release date.

Additionally, inXile pointed fans to a crowdsourced localization effort to translate Wasteland 2 into languages other than the seven that will be available at launch (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish and Russian.) The community's suggestions will be passed along to professional editors to refine the result and make sure it fits the overall quality of the other localized editions, inXile said. To contribute to that project see this page.

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