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Original soundtrack composers want to return for the new Unreal Tournament

The composers of Unreal Tournament's original score are keen to return to Epic Games' next edition, and Epic sounds interested in having them back, according to a series of posts on the official Unreal Tournament forums.

Michiel van den Bos, one of two composers on the original Unreal and Unreal Tournament, wrote in asking if he could join up; fellow composer Alex Brandon also chimed in, saying he'd love to return as well. In another thread, composer Kevin Reipl expressed interest as well.

To all of them, Unreal project lead Steven Polge said the team "would be thrilled to have you" back. "The music you guys made always invokes tremendous nostalgia for me."

While this doesn't confirm their participation — Reipl said he would need to work it into his current schedule — it's good news to longtime fans who likewise wax nostalgic hearing the themes for maps such as Codex, Tempest and Facing Worlds.

Epic Games announced on Thursday that Unreal Tournament was returning, under that name, as a free title, collaboratively developed with fans, for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The last Unreal Tournament game was released in 2007.

For more on the new Unreal Tournament, and how Epic is planning to develop it, see Polygon's interview with Polge from Thursday.

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