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Nintendo bringing Pokémon Art Academy to 3DS this fall

Nintendo is bringing two of its franchises together — the creature-collecting role-playing Pokémon series and the instructional Art Academy game — in Pokémon Art Academy, a new Nintendo 3DS title that will show players how to draw their favorite Pokémon.

Announced this morning, Pokémon Art Academy will feature 40 lessons detailing how to draw and paint 2D illustrations of select Pokémon using the 3DS screen and stylus. Each lesson will feature step-by-step guides as well as tips and tricks for translating players' 3DS drawing skills into real-world artwork. An in-game tutor — Professor Andy — will walk players through lessons, which include how-tos to draw Pokémon including Charizard, Fennekin, Fletchling, Oshawott, Pikachu and Torchic.

Previous titles in the Art Academy series — which launched for Nintendo DS in 2009 — focused on fine art; for Pokémon Art Academy, the title will focus on the cartoonish illustrations familiar to the Pokémon franchise. The game also includes several tools new to Art Academy, including Markers that create clean blocks of color, Outline Pens that make lines that can't be colored over and an Undo feature to quickly clean up mistakes.

Pokémon Art Academy also features Free Paint and Quick Sketch modes where players can use more than 100 references pictures of Pokémon to draw them however they choose. Photos takes with the Nintendo 3DS camera can also be imported into the game. Artwork can be shared directly with other Pokémon Art Academy players or uploaded to Miiverse.

"The Pokémon characters themselves are among the most endearing and enduring aspects of the Pokémon video games, with everyone having their own favorite," Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt said in a press statement. "Pokémon Art Academy lets fans deepen their connection with these iconic characters by providing detailed lessons teaching how to draw them on their Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS in a straightforward and enjoyable way."

Pokémon Art Academy is slated to launch this fall in North America, according to Nintendo, while Nintendo UK reports Europe will receive the game on July 4.

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