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Left 4 Dead: Survivors launching in Japanese arcades this year

Left 4 Dead: Survivors, a new installment in the survival horror shooter franchise developed specifically for arcades, is set to launch this fiscal year, according to publisher Square Enix's most recent financial report.

Currently the arcade title — created in collaboration between Japanese developer Taito and Left 4 Dead publisher Valve — is slated to launch in Japan only prior to March 31, 2015, when Square Enix's financial year closes. Teasers for the title unveiled last month date the game for release in 2014.

Left 4 Dead: Survivors was announced alongside a trailer in February as Project Z. This is not the first time Taito and Valve have collaborated on a title for Japanese arcades; in 2006, the companies released Half-Life 2: Survivor, an arcade title with both story and battle modes based on 2004 first-person shooter Half-Life 2

Also representing arcade games for Square Enix this fiscal year is Puzzle and Dragons Battle Tournament, a spin-off arcade-focused version of GungHo Entertainment's popular mobile franchise Puzzle and Dragons. Battle Tournament, which launched last month, features similar mechanics to its predecessors as well as artwork from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura.

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