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Modder creates portable Ouya for gaming on the go

A modder by the handle of Downing created a battery-powered, portable Ouya that allows users to game with a 7-inch, 720p display.

In the video above, Downing gives an overview of the system and how it works. The handheld pulls a signal from the Ouya, which users can activate on the handheld. "In order to use this, you have to pair the controller to the system," Downing said in the video. From there, players can use the handheld as its own unit.

The handheld's case was built with a 3D printer and includes a charging and headphone jack. With fully charged batteries, players can use the handheld Ouya for about four and a half hours.

Downing said in the video that he has no plans to sell the portable, unless someone offers "a ridiculous amount of money." For a complete walkthrough on how the modder created the system's case, check out his explanation on the BacMan forums.