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Metal Gear Solid, BioShock Infinite and Skyrim, now with more Gilbert Gottfried

Your favorite video games would be very different if they featured the voice of Gilbert Gottfried, and we now know just how different they would be, thanks to Game Informer.

Gottfried, 59, is a comedian and actor best known for his nails-on-a-chalkboard squawk of a voice, which you may be familiar with from memorable roles such as the parrot Iago in 1992's Aladdin and the duck in Aflac commercials. (He also did voice-over work for Iago in multiple Kingdom Hearts games.)

Game Informer brought Gottfried into the studio to record lines in games from the 8-bit era to the present, including the original Metal Gear Solid, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and BioShock Infinite. If there's a more exuberant "fus ro dah" cry on the internet, we haven't heard it.

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