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A Story About My Uncle launches for Steam May 28

A Story About My Uncle, a "non-violent, first-person platform adventure game," will launch via Steam May 28, developer Gone North Games recently announced.

In A Story About My Uncle, players search for a missing relative. The game is told through a bedtime story shared between a father and daughter.

"When the father was young, his biggest dream was to follow his uncle Fred on his many adventures around the world," the game's description reads. "When the uncle one day disappears, the boy decides to go after him and ends up in another world."

Using your uncle's inventions, players will explore this strange world. According to the game's Steam page, movement plays "a crucial part" in its gameplay. For a look at the game, check out the trailer below.

A Story About My Uncle is being published by Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios.