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Super Time Force - Overview video

Tell me, where do you see yourself in the next, oh, fifteen seconds?

For all its occasionally silly trappings, Super Time Force dips into some genius-level game design, all based around the idea of thinking about not what you can accomplish with a single life, but what you can do to set up your next run. Do you rush towards the finish line, attempting to make progress in the level before the time limit expires? Or do you lay down suppressing fire for future-you, who can waste time collectible hunting so future-future-you doesn't have to? It's fourth-dimensional problem solving, and it's delightful.

In this Overview of Super Time Force, Arthur and I travel through time in search of dino-buddies, and boy, do we find some. We do not spend time fretting about paradoxes or butterfly effects, however, because people like that never get invited to parties.

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